Prosperity Gospel

My pastor this week was teaching on the responsibility of Sunday school teachers, deacons/elders, and pastors. How God holds us responsible for the people we are put over. For example I am held responsible for what I teach the middle school kids by God. If I teach them falsely God will hold me accountable to that, this is a great fear and is why I put much effort into my lessons. One thing I  can’t handle are people who proclaim a prosperity gospel.

The Prosperity Gospel: These people teach that the Gospel is all about living for God to receive his blessings. Here is the problem, by looking at the Bible in this format we now leave God owing us something. By claiming this we are saying we have power over God. This is a lie hatched in the very depths of hell as a teacher of mine would say. Instead we owe God everything, we are to  be living sacrifices to him. Picking up our cross and following him should be our goal each day. Our lives are to glorify him, not to live our best lives now, in fact if you are glorifying him your life might not be living the best life right now. Because the World hates God, and will do anything to snuff out His light.

I will end on this note, One person noted if the Prosperity Gospel is correct, then Paul must have done something wrong. He was stoned, beaten, arrested, and beheaded all for the sake of the Gospel. Does that sound like prosperity to you?


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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