In the beginning God created

Everyone for the most part can tell you what the first statement of the Bible is. In the Beginning God Created, and with that statement over the next six days God created everything. Yes I believe in a literal six day creation. I will not get into how evolution proves its self wrong, but instead will look at the obvious biblical views that prove the six days correct and proves evolution wrong.

When God created the earth he created it to be perfect. There was no sin on the planet. Adam and Eve were in the Garden when that all changed in Genesis 3. Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree and Sin entered this world. Here is the thing about sin, it brought evil and death with it. Prior to sin there was no death. So evolution could not have happened due to the fact that it requires death. So no your uncle is not an ape.

What about the Dinosaurs you may ask? Well prior to death they all ate plants. Just because you have sharp teeth does not necessarily mean you meat. Ask all the vegetarians of this world, or pandas, fruit bats, and mountain gorillas. All eat vegetables but have the teeth to eat meat. After that we all know the story of the great flood that happened with Noah, the flood wipes out most of the dinosaurs giving way to our fossil record. As for the ones on the ark, they most likely just died off of natural causes over time, which is why in the book of Job you see a description of a dragon or dinosaur.

This is why as Christians we can not believe that evolution and the Bible can co-exist it’s simply not possible.

As always I welcome comments any profane or abusive comments will be deleted. Also thanks for the grace of reading over my grammatical errors.


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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