June 25, 1962 when everything changed?

You always here the decline of civilization started when they took prayer out of school, that things changed. The only thing that changed on June 25, 1962 was that the students stopped praying. Yes the teachers could not stand in the front of the class and lead prayer. But an individual has the right to pray whenever they so please. My question to you is what really changed that day. What really changed that day is we as Christians saw a reason to be lazy. This idea that we can’t pray in school is a secular idea fed to students by Christians and non-Christians alike and needs to fix. So Student the next time you want to pray for someone go for it (just don’t be late to class or interrupt a class), also parents encourage your kids to take the time to pray at school. Be it for their lunch, a friend in need, or family. Whats really great is prayer is where revival starts. It starts in our hearts then it spreads and boom you have a town on it celebrating God, not some basketball or football team. So I guess civilization did start to decline at that point morally, but some law did not do it, we as Christians did it, when we actually restricted ourselves.
So take my challenge….Students take the time to get you and friends together for prayer before or after school. Pray for your lost friends and each other.


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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