While America sleeps

You know one of my favorite Christmas songs you never hear is called while you were sleeping by casting crowns. The song covers Jesus’s birth and how Bethlehem slept while God stepped into this world. How they had no room for the King of the World.

It moves to America and how we moved towards a nation with no room for its King. We have abandoned God for what we believe is the truth, what we can do with our own two hands. Scientist deny God even when the evidence points towards Him. We abandoned the laws of God to make things acceptable in the church such as divorce, gay marriage, and abortion. So that we can been seen in a positive light to the community. Inside our churches we see rebellion because we don’t want to be challenged or pushed out of comfort zones. Why because we no longer have room for our King. We want the throne. We are like Bethlehem we leave Jesus to sleep outside the doors of the building while we attempt to worship him inside. America we are sleep walking away from God and moving towards an eternal failure. Think on this as we head into Christmas, where are you with God, do you have room for your king, or are you going to leave him outside while you worship yourself and get your check mark for attending church?


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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