The Voice of God Recordings and William Branham Part 1

I really did not know about this church until well I moved into my apartment and started passing when on my way to my friends house. The main headquarters is located down the road from in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and as I heard stuff about the church I had originally decided to do a quick 2 paragraph piece on the cult. As I started to look at just basic stuff about this church I realized it ran deeper then just simple short blog. So this is part 1 of the blog.

William Branham was born in 1909 and died in 1965. Now why does it matter since he has passed on. His church lives on. The idea that he believed and millions around the world believe that was the Prophet Elijah for this generation lives on. This is what we look like Christians, but are really a cult looks like in this world today.

The Supernatural
Lets start by looking at the things that have been recorded to have happened during his ministry which started in 1933.
In June of 1933 Branham was baptizing people in the Ohio River, when people on the bank saw a bright light appear over where he was standing and He claims to have heard the voice of God which I quote said the following, “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Jesus Christ, so your message will forerun His second coming.” There is no evidence of this event but He did say it was picked up by the Associate Press. Though the associate press article has yet to be found.

In 1946 his healing ministry began. He claimed at night an angel came to him and said, “Do not fear. I am sent from the presence of the Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar birth and misunderstood life has been to indicate that you are to take a gift of Divine healing to the peoples of the world.”

There was also during his ministry that people who came to pray, he could tell them exactly what their aliment/problem was in great detail. How true this is still in the air obviously. He claimed he would see visions about the people.

Pillar of Fire Photo

One night during a debate in the Sam Houston Coliseum over if people could physically heal people like the apostles did, a photo of Branham was taken that ended up being the middle of his campaign. The photo featured Branham with a halo or pillar of fire above his head, the photo was tested and proven to be authentic. What I mean by that is there was double exposure nor was the negative tampered with. Branham claimed the guy who tested it was the best the FBI had, but the man was never employed by the FBI.

And finally in 1963 Branham had started what he considered to be his great teaching about the seven seals in revelations. He claimed that the angels from the book revelations met him on Sunset Mountain

Strange cloud

in Arizona so that he could commission the opening of the great seals. Later pictures of an unusual cloud that had the likeness of Jesus started to appear and Branham said that was the cloud the angels had formed on the mountain while talking with him. If you look at the photo sideways people believe you can see an outline of Jesus. The funny thing about this is the fact that he was preaching these sermons two years before the cloud and that the angels had came to him in a study. After the cloud appeared did his story appear about physically meeting the angels. To add to it the path of the cloud would have had to travel north 300kms and then made a crazy east turn to be seen where it was.

Now how true any of these events are I do not know nor will I hold account to. My best guest on the photo of the halo it was a flash from a camera reflecting off something behind him that caused the mysterious pillar of fire. The strange cloud, as pointed out this could was one that had never been see before. So do I think these are signs that he was like a old testament prophet of God. The simple answer is no.

To driveways which this man is a false prophet see part two. Part 2


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A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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One Response to The Voice of God Recordings and William Branham Part 1

  1. chicagoja says:

    Could always be true, of course, but even if it was there are still many questions
    to be answered:
    How could he tell that the visitor was an angel (other than he said so)? There are other explanations perhaps.
    Even if Jesus appeared to him, how would anyone know that it was Jesus since there are no pictures of him?

    It’s so easy to say that God talked to you. I, for one, do it. But, how can you truly tell that it is God communicating with you (instead of, say, an evil spirit in disguise).

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