Tolerance in the Church

Culture, the thing that we see when we read a magazine, turn on the television, or go shopping. Culture tells us how we should act, what we should like, and what we dislike. Culture is now applying pressure on the Church to be tolerant. It wants us to be tolerant of homosexuality, evolution, abortion, and other stuff. It wants us to be accepting of a sinful world, and to accept other forms of salvation through other religions. Culture wants us to be tolerant. The actual truth is Culture wants us tolerant, because it has one goal, to kill or manipulate the Word of God. You see that with this so called Queen James Bible. Complete stupidity and twisting of the Word of God to make a sin just in their eyes. Christians don’t allow yourself to be fooled into tolerance as Adam and Eve were in the Garden. Remember the serpent only slightly twisted what God said and Adam and Eve ate of the fruit and brought sin and death into this world. Christian brothers and sisters, I’m calling you to a stand of intolerance, That we know what the Bible says, that its not I’m okay you’re okay crap. These bumper stickers that say COEXIST are full of it. And one day we will have to stand for our intolerance. Sooner or later persecution will arise and your faith will be tested. Are you ready for that day. Or will you bow to the culture pressure. There is no fence, there is God’s side and the worlds side. Salvation is only through one name. That is what the Bible says. It is not through Muhammad, Buddha, or any other so called God. Jesus Christ is the only way. Thanks for reading.


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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