A thankful heart

Father God, I come you today humbled in my heart Father. I come humbled because of the Gospel. For without that cross Lord I stand condemned before you. I stand with no excuse. Father God you have gave a way were there is no way. You did not have to do this you could have left me here to my sins. But instead you came and called me to yourself. I am humbled. Father God, today as a man who is broken by the reminder of the Gospel in my own heart, I ask you give me a new fire, a new passion, a new zeal. I ask that you grow me as a man who is seen standing on your Words authority. Not as a man who looks to garner the applause of other men. Father God I ask that you continue to grow me as a Biblical partner for Allie Lord. I want to be a Biblical leader to her Lord, and that our relationship will handle the tests of time. Lord I ask that you are the center of relationship that you guide us and prepare us for all that you have planned for us. Father God I worship  humbly at your feet as a man who is prepared to do your will. To lean on your authority, and give continuous praise to your name.

Thank You Father


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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