October 6th 1995

I nearly died on October 6th 1995. In fact I should have. But by God’s will and his clear intervention I am still alive and kicking. Lets get to the story shall we.

October 6th 1995, normal day at school. I was a 5th grader, who was pretty awesome in my humble opinion. It was cheeseburger day in the cafeteria, I remember because it nearly killed me. I was listening to some of my classmates make “dirty jokes” while eating, of course I was laughing away. Well I did not chew my food good enough or something, but a big chunk of cheeseburger went down and got caught in my windpipe. Of course I started to struggle because I could not breath, and by time the first teacher/Librarian (Mrs. Stull) got to me I was turning blue. She attempted to dislodge the cheeseburgerImage by swinging for the fences on my back. (btw in the pictures/article included you will see I said she was giving me a pat on the back.) It did not help what so ever. She started yelling for help. Yeah it was bad of a situation. I think at this point I was heading towards passing out because thinking back, I remember looking at the table and it being blurry. At that point I felt someone wrap their arms around me from behind, and with a couple thrusts from the Heimlich Maneuver, the cheeseburger was freed and I was breathing again. The man behind me was Mr. Stinson, he taught first aid for the Junior High. I have heard accounts that he jumped a couple of tables to get to me. But whatever the case he was there. So that is when I nearly died choking on a cheeseburger.

Now lets take a look at this from the Biblical prospective. I was choking and Mrs. Stull tried to dislodge it, She obviously did not know the Heimlich  and she started screaming for help.  Now what happens if Mr. Stinson doesn’t A. notice her screaming for help, B. Isn’t even in the cafeteria in the time. As far as anyone has ever told me, no one else knew the Heimlich that day in the cafeteria. By God’s will he was there, If not I’m a dead 5th grader. Point of this story, God had a plan and today I glorify him for it. I now would look back to thank Mr. Stinson and Mrs. Stull for acting and responding to the situation. They honestly are heroes and are still heroes in my mind today. But God is the one to be Glorified in the end.



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About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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