One Year Later

On October 27th of 2012 my life started to change. I did not know it, but God did. He had a plan, a life changing one at that for me. It simply started with Happy Birthday, and it led to a long Facebook conversation that lasted for hours. After a few months of throwing hints and me being completely confused on what to do,  I finally asked her out. And Guess what SHE SAID YES!!!!!! After knowing each other for 5 years we were dating. It turned out we were crazy about each other. And by May we were married to the shock of many.  I was welcomed into a great family which I greatly appreciate. After a great summer of being together we got one more life changing moment when we got a positive test saying our first child is on the way. Its amazing how in one year ones life can change so much. But you know what this is the best change to happen to me since coming to Christ. The women I married Allie is the most amazing christian woman I have ever met. Every moment that I see her is like seeing her the first time after we started dating. My heart races and I get butterflies in my stomach. Everyday is a new adventure with her and I know that God has picked the perfect woman for me. I love her more and more everyday, and I would like to finish with simply
Happy Birthday Allie, I love you and you have made my life the best that it could be.


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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