Jonah (overview)

The book of Jonah, a book we all know so well. We have told our children of the man who was eaten by the “whale” (Big fish) and later went on to what God asked him. Over the next 11 blogs, I’ll be diving into the book of Jonah to see what else it shows us. What else we can gain from it as God’s Word teaches us and applies to our life.

The book of Jonah is about the idea that one man can run way from God and disobey His command, while also showing that the Bible shows a city from the beginning Nineveh (genesis)  to 200 years after in the book of Nahum. Showing that just because your father believed God, doesn’t mean you are instantly saved. I can’t wait to go through this book with you as we watch a man run from God, get eaten by a fish, pronounce God’s judgement with happiness, and whine when the city finds salvation. When we learn that we have no say in who God chooses to be saved, and that we should serve with a servants heart and not one set on your own will.


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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