Jonah 2:4-7 YET!!!!

Then I said, ‘I am driven away
    from your sight;
yet I shall again look
    upon your holy temple.’
5 The waters closed in over me to take my life;
    the deep surrounded me;
weeds were wrapped about my head
6     at the roots of the mountains.
I went down to the land
    whose bars closed upon me forever;
yet you brought up my life from the pit,
    O Lord my God.
Jonah 2:4-7
Jonah pray continues, to recap he is sitting in the belly of a fish. God has placed him there because he has tried to run from God and the plan he has for him. So Jonah is praying to God. Looking at the first section of this, I am driven away from your sight. Just as Jesus was driven away from the sight of the father because of our sin, here is Jonah because of his own sin is driven away from God. Jonah knows he is in a whole mess of trouble right now. If you at look at verse 2, Jonah finds hope knowing that God is merciful. That he will look upon Gods temple once more. Because he knew God had appointed this fish to save him.  Jonah continues to describe how he was dying. He was slipping below the ocean to his death.  He knew was in sin and that deserved to die. If you look at the last part. A very important word shows up. YET you brought me up from the pit, O lord my God!!!! He knew that God had saved him. He knew God was merciful. He was praising God for his mercy. Praising God for his love.
Now think about as followers of Christ we should be driven away from God for our sin. But YET we have a savior in the form of Jesus that saved our life. He brought us back from the pit. From the brink of hell because that is where we were destined. We should be delighting in this. We may have been physically alive, but we were spiritually dead. Take some time today, reflect on the very good news of Jesus that brought us back from the pit, not to be someone stuck in sin, but someone God has given mercy to.

About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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