Love the sinner, hate the sin

We have all heard the saying, love the sinner hate the sin. The Bible states that sin is a direct offense against God character, it also states that God is love. This is how this idea came about. To simply to state God does not sin lightly. You have to look at one point in the Bible to see how serious sin is to the Father. Jesus is hanging on the cross and he cries out Father why have you forsaken me. For the first time and only time the Father and Son are separated. Our sins that were laying on Jesus were so repulsive that the Father had to look away. That is how serious that sin is to God. Sin is a curse and should never be taken lightly especially in the body of believers. Am I saying we will be perfect, by no means. I’m saying we must hold each other accountable. That we must call each other to repentance. When it comes to the lost, we show our love by sharing the Gospel. The best form of love we can show them. We pray for them that the holy spirit reveals the truth. We can not look at sin as a simple mistake but as an offense a holy God. So we cannot separate the sinner for sin. Only God can through faith in Jesus Christ, which requires true repentance and turning away from sin.  Thanks for reading.

About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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