(Introduction) What is the Gospel?

As the weeks go on you will see posts from me and my wife on two separate books we are reading. I’m starting off with what is the Gospel from 9marks and my wife is reading revolution in world missions. Both are in a way great commission oriented, one is about missions and the other is about the message we take to the mission field. So we will be doing this on a weekly basis, one chapter at a time.  I hope you enjoy

I’m a sucker for introductions, it’s basically a summary of what the whole book is about. This introduction brought to focus the question what is the Gospel and the confusion and fog around it among Christians. What do we think the Gospel is? Is it Jesus on the cross, and resurrected, Is it about being a good person, is it about a good teacher who gave for his teaching, when sharing the Gospel do you mention sin or sweeten it up to make it easier for the world to swallow? It’s really crazy thinking do we really know what the Gospel is at heart.  Do we understand the profound impact that it can make on the world today. Everyone looks at the Gospel differently, but there is only one Gospel. I hope as you read this series of blogs I hope you take the time to pray and search if you truly understand the Gospel. I’m going into this with an open heart. Ready to be renewed in the Gospel. That God will use this to change and mold you and me into better stewards of the Gospel. Before we can start harvesting the fields we have to know how what the tool (the Gospel) is! Thanks for reading see you next week with chapter 1.

 Here is a link to the kindle edition if you want to check it out



About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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