Who deserves the Gospel?

This year my church hosted an event called Night to Shine. Its an event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation and is a Prom for people with special needs. That night I got to see God mightily. In fact even through the planning process God was moving mightily. My church is a church plant of 30 people. With this event we were having 125 guests plus volunteers. We needed catering, medical staffing, music, security, and everything in between. We needed people to hang out with each guest all night as well. Whats really crazy we had less than a month to prepare. When the dust cleared on February 12th,  we had 230 volunteers!!! They ranged from teachers from the school we were using to other churches to other special need organizations in the community. God showed off.

That night we had people cheering as the guests arrived, dancing, shoe shining, make up and hair touch ups. Everything you could ask for. Honestly this night changed my life. To see the smiles on each one of their faces, One facebook comment said they would never forget this night and I won’t either. God placed a burden on my hear that night. That all people groups need the Gospel. The Gospel is not for one group of people. I knew this right, but by the way I lived my life you would never know it. I always picked and chose whom I shared the Gospel with. Making judgement on if I thought they would accept it or if I they were condemned. It makes you wonder how many churches live that way. They think a community doesn’t need the gospel because its to rough or that person doesn’t need to hear the gospel because they live a certain way. We are effectively condemning people to hell because we are not taking the Gospel to all people groups out of our pride.

We need a heart change, we need to remind ourselves of the Gospel so we remember why we are saved. Its not an act of our own, but that of a great loving and merciful God. Lets get back with the great commission and take it to all people groups in our communities not the ones we think are best. Lets live on mission for God.


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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