Sermon Notes 4/23

Take Closer look at Jesus
Luke 24:13-35

If you build your hope on misconceptions about Jesus you will be disappointed
They had been told that Jesus had resurrected, but look discouraged instead of jumping up and down and full of life.
They thought it was nonsense and did not believe.
Its a good thing that we have a God that listens to us when we are stupid and way off base.
We are only fooling ourselves when we go to God and put up a front.
Psalm 62:8 Reference
Jesus was much more then a prophet. There is no one to compare to him to.
They put their hopes in misconceptions in Jesus. When it didn’t go the way they thought it was suppose to go, they lost hope.
Jesus had already told them he would die and rise from the grave.
They wanted a different messiah then what the prophets spoke of.
This is not something God was silent about, he didn’t come as a rebel who would overthrow the government.
They created a false Messiah who did not exist.
There are many people whom have rejected Jesus because of misconceptions
Many people die because they put their hope in religion and not Jesus.
we don’t create God, God created us.
Jesus Stands Alone
The word of God shows us the truth about the identity of God.
Jesus shows them the foolishness of their ways and shares the scriptures are.
Everything must be tested through the word of God.
God will put you over your head so you will look at Jesus.
The disciples and apostles went through torture and death for Jesus.
Jesus is worth it.
That should have been our cross that Jesus hung on. He came after us.
The only thing that will save you is Jesus.
1st Samuel 16:7
John the Baptist wore camel hair and ate locusts, he wouldn’t be welcomed in a lot of churches.
It doesn’t matter what you wear and look like, its about Jesus.
“The more we receive the word of God, the more we will want to fellowship with the God of the word.” – warren wiersbe
God pleads the case for the outcast and the broken.
Everything is man made junk.
If you find the perfect church, don’t go you will screw it up. Because we are not perfect.
God explaining the Word of God.
When you hear the truth it will change us from the inside out.
As you walk with Christ, he will continue to mold you.
God is not like the religion we see.
Have you had your Emmaus Road experience?

About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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