When God shows up! Blog takeover~ #wifelife

I decided it was time for me to share some things with you. Jonathan has no idea I am posting this! (love you honey!) In the past few weeks God has clearly shown me that he is greater than any circumstance I can face. He has tested my faith in many ways, and hindsight is 20/20. In any trial or hard time in my life God will bring me through! Three weeks ago I was unexpectedly laid off. It sounds weird for me to say, but it couldn’t have been a better time for me to lose my job! . I knew God had a plan from the start. I had recently gotten a second job so we could save more money and buy a house faster it was no where near enough to supplement my income from my full time job but it would get us by. My husband was set to get a raise (which ended in a promotion)! Our stock was vesting and we were two weeks away from paying off a balance we had been paying on for about a year. I explained to my part time employer what had happened and almost instantly they offered me a full time position! All we could do was praise God for His timing and trust in Him. We had budgeted and Tithed trusting that God would take care of us. We had an unexpected expense come up. Jonathan called and said he needed to put gas in my car and that he was going to have to overdraw our account. He put the gas in and drove to my mom’s house. When he pulled up my mom was leaving and handed Jonathan some money saying that she had to leave but  she had some money for him. That money she gave him was the exact amount that we had tithed! She had no idea that we were planning to overdraw or that we had no money. Jonathan called me up saying “Allie God showed up!” That weekend on the very same day both of our vehicles broke down. We found out that one of the parts was going to cost a hundred dollars to buy. We went to my work and picked up my paycheck only to find out that my paycheck was exactly a hundred dollars more than we had anticipated it to be. We were completely in awe of God in that moment and continue to give him the praise and the Glory for carrying us through this time. After have a rough week including a flying ant infestation. I dropped my bank card out of my pocket when I had lunch with Izzy and my mom. Just a few hours ago I got a call from the bank saying there was some unusual activity on my account. I checked our account and sure enough charge, after charge, after charge, our account took a huge hit. My instant reaction was to want justice, but after praying and for Gods peace, and for him to take away my hurt.  I started to pray for them. I prayed that they were able to enjoy a hot meal, and they were able to have enough gas to get by. More importantly though, I prayed that they would meet Jesus. That ultimately they will hunger and thirst again and they need a relationship with our savior. The things of this world will waste away but God always was, always has been, and always will be! I legitimately want no justice for what they have done. I just want them to know the love that I know and the peace that I have. I want them to know that they are greater than their choices and we all make mistakes. Please pray for them with me! I also want you to know that God is greater than any problem you can have! No matter what your struggle is today that He can carry you through. John 3:30 says this; “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Let God be greater in your life! Let Him take the lead and follow where ever he calls you! He will meet you right where you are! In our weakness he is strong!

Love in Christ,

Allie Parrish


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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