Sermon Notes Ruth 3

Ruth 3

Bad Advice vs Godly Wisdom

Not all advice is good advise.
People should say how amazing how is our God. They should say this through the way we act.
We should be pointing to the glory of God.
Make sure you have someone in your life that can speak godly wise counsel in our lives.
When you get counsel test it through the word of God.
Naomi gives bad advise to Ruth, leaving the door open for Boaz to sin.

Ruth honored her mother in law, and was following her advice.
Ruth thinks this is the right thing to do.
Are we teaching and giving our kids good counsel. We are all works in progress, but need to check ourselves against Gods Word.
Ruth is wanting to be redeemed, wanting boaz to marry her.
Boaz provides a Godly response
He is very respectful to her,  He could have taken advantage of this situation, but instead he honors God and it comes out in his actions.
Honor God with your decisions, small or large.

Our prayer should be how I can honor God in this situation
When we are put in a situation where we can be compromise we should run, even if its something we want or we think is good.
Following Jesus is not easy.
God did not hold back, he sacrificed his own son.
We should follow Christ no matter what.

Men are we leading our families in a godly manner.
We do not have to leave a legacy like our fathers, but we can be Godly men.
Are we being cowards or courageous in our families. when it comes to God.


About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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