Sermon Notes 8/13/17

Pastor Shea Allen
Refuge Church

Don’t be a baby, grow up!!
Hebrews 5:11-14

What’s keeping you from growing in your faith?
Sanctification is  becoming like Christ over time.
If you’re not growing in your relationship with Christ you are going backwards.
Often we don’t experience grow in our relationship with Christ, because we don’t care.
We get to the point where we can care less if people are lost and going to Hell.

Why do some grow in their faith and some don’t?
If we don’t spend forth any effort in meeting with God, you won’t grow.
We can be as smart and theologically smart as we want but that doesn’t mean we are spending time with God or growing.
1st Peter 4:10
God goes after the outcast, under educated, and broken.
Is there fruit of the spirit in our life.
John 15:5
You can’t manufacture a relationship with God without spending time with Him.

Spiritual Growth must be intentional
If you are not spending time with Jesus, you won’t grow.
If you are not using your spiritual gifts you won’t grow.
You have to put forth the effort to grow.
Our spiritual growth effects everyone around you.
Psalm 119
If its not consuming the Word to learn it, but to let it consume you and change you.

You’re not teaching others because you’re not growing yourself.
Milk isn’t suppose to be the only thing you consume when you grow up.
Faith in action.
Till we are living it out on a daily basis, sharing out faith with others.
Its a spiritual issue.
He’s a God of the nations

Do you want to grow in your relationship in Christ?
What Steps are you taking to grow?
Are you sharing Jesus with others?
Does your life match up with what you say you believe?

About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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