Sermon Notes 8/20/17

Exodus Chapter 3:1-11
Exodus Chapter 4:1-2

Moses question to God: Who Am I?
Asking God what is my Identity?
Moses asked who I am, and God answered you are somebody.
The real opinion that counts is God.
God made you uniquely you.

God gave us a savior.
Galatians 2:20
You are so special to God, he as given you a service.
The creator of the universe has said I want you to work beside me.
God Takes your history and writes His story into your life.

Gods Question to Moses: What is that in your hand?
All us somebodies can do something
All around us we can do acts of Kindness.
Why doesn’t somebody do something? We are somebody.
Every somebody is an example.
We are somebody to share the Gospel.
The issue is Faithfulness.
We operate at 50% level for God and feel pretty good about  ourselves.
We should say to God, at your service, anytime, any distance, anywhere, any load.

Exodus 4:18-20
Moses answered the Call, and took the staff of God.

About Jonathan Parrish

A man who fears and loves God in all that do, which is to bring him glory.
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