This blog is dedicated to all things God. God is my number one passion in life and in all things, he is above my family, friends, and job. People find that strange but I find strange to be good. My life verse is Psalm 55:22
Cast your burden on the Lord,
and he will sustain you;
he will never permit
the righteous to be moved. 
I believe there is a one and only God, and he is in three forms, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. I stand strong on Biblical beliefs and hold to the divine inspiration of scripture. That the Bible is  the literal word of God to us. I believe that Christ died on the Cross for the sins of the elect and he rose on the third day. I stand firm on the Great Commission on spreading the Gospel to all nations, be it in our neighborhood, cities, counties, states, country, or abroad, we are to be doing the work of the Gospel.

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  1. in 1963 i was in new york city in november i was boy, i went to br branham meeting, i never knew about his ministry so i had no preconcieved idea except i saw the picture of the pillar of fire, and i thought someone was trying to make him look like a catholic saint, but i was a skeptic, but i went and i heard maston boze introduce br branham and br branham came out and slowly this love got a hold on me, now i was raised irish catholic , they are not too much on showing affection or expessing it, so love was sort of new to me , so for me to feel , love i felt guilty, because i never felt this for the LORD, i was smitten, everthing he said i like , i was enraptured , when it came time for the healing part of the service , i could sense that the church that invited him was against him, which in later service proved true, but i could almost know what he was going to say before he said it, then a woman came and he said to her do you know about that picture of the pillar fire?, NOW SOMETHING SAID TO ME , HE IS GOING TO BRAG ABOUT THE LIGHT OVER HIS HEAD, NOW I THOUGHT THAT WAS MY THOUGHT, AND I IMMEDIAELY REPENTED AND PRAYED, GOD FORGIVE ME FOR THINKING THAT, AND IMMEDIATELY I SAW THE PILLAR OF FIRE OVER HIS HEAD, NOT ONLY MYSELF, BUT OTHER PEOPLE ALSO, BECAUSE I COULD HEAR AN AHHH GO OVER THE AUDIENCE SIMULTANEOUSLY , IT WAS LATER ON THAT THE CHURCH, ROCK CHURCH A SCANDINAVIAN PENTECOSTAL CHURCH IN NEW YORK , THE PASTOR NAMED VIK , HIS ASSISTANT PASTOR A WOMAN CLOSED OUT THE MEETING IN THE NAME OF THE FATHR, SON AND HOLY GHOST, AND A LITTLE SHORT ITALIAN BROTHER ALL OF 5FT MAYBE JUMPED UP AND YELLED IN A VERY STRONG ITALIAN ACCENT”AND HIS NAME IS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST “

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